Sunday, September 27, 2009

Application for Reception

(Header is the initials of the Order)

Seal of Imperator

Seal of Praemonstrator

Seal of Cancellarius


I (full legal name) ___, on (date) ___, hereby declare that I have a favorable predisposition concerning the Order, and that it is my will to join the (initials of the Order) as introduced to me by my two sponsors on the reverse of this application, who are well and truly known by me. I understand that this is a secret college and order: I know that its membership roster; the activities undertaken at its meetings; and the locations of its temples are to be kept in the strictest of confidences, all upon the pain of my own expulsion. I also understand that while this secrecy is paramount, it is not due to the nature of its activities, which are of course positive and life affirming, but because of the social climate of intolerance in outer society which has been a perennial concern for those who would study any subject that diverges even slightly from the mainstream of orthodox thinking. It is for this reason especially, that whether I am accepted as a Candidate or not, I will treat the privacy and the private lives of all members with the utmost decency and respect.

I furthermore understand that the main object of the Society is to study and teach the hidden wisdom in an academic and practical setting, and that I dare to apply myself to topics which include but are not exclusively limited to Cabala, tarot, pagan mythology, astrology, Hermetics, ceremonial magic, Sufism, and Gnosticism.

Applicant's Motto, Name and Signature

Date of Birth, Time and Place

Address, City, Province, Postal Code

Email, Telephone


I hereby swear that this Applicant is well and truly known by me, and that I will be responsible for his conduct in the Society. I will aid in his study, preparation and memory work, or find a suitable teacher to do so on my behalf. I believe his or her admittance to the (Initials of the Order) will promote further harmony in the group. I believe him or her to be a serious and spiritual prospective candidate for our mysteries. All of this I most solemnly affirm to be true, on pains of my own expulsion from the Order.

First Sponsors Motto, Name, Signature and Date

Second Sponsors Motto, Name, Signature and Date

This form is property of the (Initials of the Order)

Version 5.0 2009/08/27


  1. Powerful stuff in the second portion of the application - making the sponsoring Frater/Soror responsible in part for the initiate. This certainly adds some gravitas to the application and would make some frivolous members less likely to add their friends for friendship's sake. Thank you for sharing!

  2. There are Gnostic traditions within Islam dating from Neo-Platonic times and the travels of Alexanders Empire. The most visible and recognisable is Sufism, so in the interests of clarity that is what appears on this preliminary application.

  3. Is this the form I need to sign to renew my phone plan with ATT?

  4. yep, you figured the secret initials out, mighty quick i might add. hmm, how do we exchange grips online?