Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magician of the Month

Starting for September, I am announcing a new tradition for this blog: Magician of the Month.

Thats right, I will pick one lucky McMagician who has impressed me in their online capacity for the dubious honor of being my Magician of the Month. Obviously it will have to be someone I am following or reading the work of blog or post-wise, and not one of those strong, silent types who is secretly evoking in their living room. While of course all those that have attained the white sash can feel the latter lighting up the astral, (JK) it is blog and forum posts which I will be investigating for the most part.

There are two reasons for this program:

1) Recognise and promote solid work done by various magicians. I have seen really good work being done, and I want to help the info be spread around the globe.

2) Raise awareness of #1 above, so that communication between magicians around the world continues. I have seen really GREAT WORK being done by others, and I want to be CERTAIN it is recognised.

Two things to keep in mind:

1) I am mostly looking for practical work, an ounce of results will trump a pound of theory any day.

2) I will promote for the most obscure individuals first before published magicians.

Good luck, and may the best Grande McWork be seen by all!



  1. This is a really cool idea. Looking forward to seeing the "most obscure individuals" get their day in the sun.

  2. Ave Frater YShY,

    Very cool idea-looking forward to reading about (and visiting the sites of) the winning mages!-AIT