Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Visiting Thuban Temple

Past Hierophant's Breast Jewel
Thuban Temple
Created by VH Frater YShY

Multi-Media, Sterling Silver, Silk, Cardboard, Paper and Ink
The Disk is 2" wide, with the ribbon and pin it is 3 1/2"
September 2009ev.

Welcome to all the Fratres and Sorores of the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn. We invite you to visit Thuban Temple, in Victoria, BC, Canada in person! With this small gesture, we open up the doors to mutual recognition of each others magical and spiritual work.

We currently offer visitation to other Golden Dawn members in Orders we recognise fraternally. If you do not belong to such an Order, inquire with your Chiefs about initiating such a friendly and fraternal connection. This recognition may be established regardless of Order or Tradition, and is conducted accordingly:

Establishing Fraternal Recognition
If you are a member of another Golden Dawn Order and wish to visit Thuban Temple, a request for fraternal relations may be first established through your Cancellarius or Secretary contacting ours directly at thuban.cancellarius@gmail.com Currently, a request to visit Thuban Temple will only be accepted if it comes from a fraternal body we recognise, and it is clearly approved by the Chiefs of your Order in writing to us. They will base this decision on any of their own existing procedures, discretion and judgment.

At Thuban Temple this recognition can easily be forged between us, and from our end, it is based on two things: firstly, our basic standard, which is called the Seven Pillars of Golden Dawn and; secondly, whether the visit will promote harmony within the entire community. The latter point is of course the end goal of opening visitation to the other Orders.

We would like to be completely clear that there will be no visiting Thuban without the written permission of your Chief of Chiefs to do so.

Application to Visit
First, the potential visitor writes a Letter of Intention to Visit, outlining the dates which he or she will or could arrange to be in the area. This is forwarded in some fashion, either paper-based or electronically to the Cancellarius, Secretary or Scribe, of his or her own order. The Cancellarius appends a Letter of Introduction to it stating that the Potential Visiting member is in good standing within that organisation and is dues current.

No member of Thuban Temple may apply for visiting rights under this procedure unless they are dues current. No potential visitor need apply to Thuban Temple's hospitality if they are not completely and unreservedly dues current within their own Order.

Next, your Cancellarius sends us the two letters. We will respond right away with receipt of your letters, and then in one calender month with our decision. This is mainly based on when our events are planned.

During the Meeting
All local members are invited into the temple before the opening, while visiting members congregate in the lounge and waiting area at the door to the hall. They are next led into the temple by the Kerux, as part of the opening ceremony. The visitors will not be in possession of the current password of our order, this will be given for them by the Kerux. After the opening ceremony, the Visitor will have an opportunity to introduce themselves, state what temple they hale from and offer some anecdote, tale, or educational piece to the temple, time permitting. We will then proceed with the ceremony of the evening.

Dressing for the Visit
In Thuban Temple, our tradition is that the highest grade shown by any member in an outer Order ceremony is that of the white robe and crossed sashes of the Portal of the Vault of the Adepti. Our Members may also wear the regalia and jewel of a Past Hierophant if they are entitled to it. When visiting other Temples, our officers will follow the above procedure, which is a paraphrase of the corresponding Z document.

Visitors to Thuban Temple who are currently sitting in the Office of Hierophant or Immediate Past Hierophant are encouraged to wear the white robe and mantle of a Hierophant but not the lamen. Visiting members who bear the rank of Past Hierophant may also wear the jewel of that office, if entitled to it. We have determined that this procedure is at the core of the Golden Dawn Tradition, and wish to thoroughly promote it. However, we understand that other orders may have different traditions, and thus all visitors are entitled to wear the regalia of their respective Order, even if it contradicts the above. The standard is that if the regalia would be appropriate in your Order at the same ceremony, please feel comfortable and confident in wearing it to ours. Even if it departs in any way from our understanding of traditional Golden Dawn apparel, you will be welcomed, but don't be surprised if you are informally requested to offer some informative or educational description explaining why your Order may differ from the norm as understood above.

Second and Subsequent Visits
All second and subsequent visits done on the same formal basis, where all correspondence must be forwarded through the Cancellari of both Temples or Orders.

Mutual Fraternal Recognition
We are pleased to announce that Thuban Temple #1 on the Registry of British Columbia is in mutual recognition with two other temples. The first is Horus Temple #2 of the Order of the Golden Dawn, located in Montreal, Quebec. The second is Atum Khephera #2 of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, located in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. This is a fine gesture and something that our community needs more of. Keep up the good work!

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe