Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frater AIT is Magician of the Month for September

The magician of the month for September is Frater AIT.

The runner-up is VH Frater SR from Scandinavia.

AIT posted his Enochian work on the 30th Aethyr and other scrying on his blog. This meets the criteria for practical work, and is a good example of solid results from Zelator Adeptus Minor level Enochian scrying in the classic RR et AC system. He should also get an award for a very beautiful looking family, but that is beyond the scope of this recognition! Check out his prolific blog Heavens Within Earth.

SR wrote a couple of very well researched papers. One on the Twelve Tribes, and another on the Sash of Grades which was illustrated with valuable pictures of different forms of regalia. It was not practical in nature, but as quality work it deserves honorable mention. You can also check out his blog Gyllene Gryningen which is also updated frequently.



  1. Care Frater YshY,

    Thank you much-I've never been the "anything" of the month, so this is awesome!

    That bit about the family is going to get me some points with the wife as well, haha-if you'r ever in the SF Bay Area, let me's on me. =)


  2. Care et V.H. Fra. YShY,

    Thank you very much! I feel truly honored.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe