Friday, October 1, 2010

The Grade Signs

Grade signs and words given by an initiate in rituals like the SRP and Hexagram rituals can be used to flood the temple and psyche of the initiate with the encapsulated experience of the powers in each grade, and in the universe itself. "For by names and images are all powers awakened and re-awakened."

One proof of this is simple. When Adepts are invoking the elements, it is sufficient to use the solo 0=0 and the SRP, say opening before a ZAM working. If this were not true, and the signs did not do anything or move any energy, you would need to repeat the rituals of the entire Outer Order to properly invoke the elements. I don't think I am going out on a branch if I contend that in the SIRP the Pentagrams, names and signs suffice to invoke the same forces. (Sometimes I do longer personal openings, but that is optional and not required, IMO).

I think it is fair to say that we can all agree that the foundation of the Outer Order is needed to raise the solid super-structure or framing of the Second Order. The above is just another way of stating the more important details of how this same idea of building upon the earlier teachings works in Adept practice. If we follow the metaphor, then a very succinct picture develops.

When the workers go to build the foundation, they have labourers dig down to the clay, then they build a mould, pour the concrete and set thick bolts into the top of it for later. When it drys, they tear off the mould, and are done. This foundation could be likened to the Outer Order.

When the framers show up to work, they bang the frame together and bolt the bottom plate of each wall to the foundation. The security of the rest of the structure in the house is built off of this. For my purpose of an example, this framing is the Inner Order NAM or ZAM building his or her tools and consecrating them (exactly when this occurs depends on your own Order's structure).

When the framers show up (ZAM), they certainly don't have to tear out the foundations (Elemental Grades) and start again. They simply double-check that the foundation is level, make small measurement adjustments if it needs it, and build on it! The whole structure doesn't redo the past work, it uses it by distributing the weight of the house on the foundation, and anchoring on the strong but comparatively little bolts that secure the bottom of each wall frame to the foundation. These are the signs and symbols, the colours of the MM, the Tarot system, astrology, etc.

Our work with the signs, words and Grand Words is that very pinning that connects the Inner Order or true Temple structure of practical magic to the foundation poured in the Outer Order with its heavy reliance on sound theory. Without these little symbols and gestures are supposed to summarize the cosmic forces, and that this relationship is the anchor to all our learning in the Outer, the temple or home would be unsecured and you would have it just blow away in the first bad storm, or thieves could abscond with it whole. When the house is built upon a solid foundation, then those who dwell within are not only sheltered, but are happy and well kept, and the workmanship will last for hundreds of years.

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