Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frater YShY - Biography

Frater YShY (pronounced: Frater Yod Shin Yod) is a Past Imperator and one of the founding members of Thuban Temple in Victoria, BC; the Mother Temple of the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn.  He is involved in various other lodges of the Western Mystery Tradition and Freemasonry, including the modern Asiatic Bretheren.  
He has a keen interest in the Golden Dawn, Jewish Kabbalah, Greek and Roman studies and tarot; as well as Talismans, Enochian scrying and Classical Evocation.  His first book, entitled The Path of the Chameleon, is the modern al Tinnin Vault Zelator Adeptus Minor papers from HSGD.  This presents his work on the Neophyte Formula and examples of his own completed Z2 rituals.  The Path of the Chameleon is upcoming from Kerubim Press in 2013.

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