Monday, September 14, 2009

Cancellarius' Charge

I wish to cordially greet and welcome you at your reception as a new member of our Order, which has been founded, as I am sure you are already aware, as a secret college whose main object is to study and teach the hidden wisdom and the mysteries of nature and science in an academic and practical setting. The nature of our activities is positive and life affirming. Lecture topics include but are not exclusively limited to: healing, cabala, tarot, pagan mythology, astrology, Hermeticism, ceremonial magic, esoteric Sufism and Gnosticism.

As a member of this temple, you not only invited, but are charged to attend our regular meetings in earnest. Held on the first and third Fridays of every month at 7pm, these meetings are required of all our membership. The only excuse for non-attendance are emergencies of a familial or work-related nature. Like this evening, the attire to arrive at the temple is always semi-formal, after which we change into our full regalia.

The first Friday consists of one or two 45 minute lectures or papers, and is often followed by a practice for one of our Grade Ceremonies. You are welcome to apply to present a paper, which must be submitted in writing, in full, to myself or the current Cancellarius, before the schedule of events for the next six months is finalised at the coming Equinox, of which you will have due and timely notice to harmonise yourself with accordingly.

The third Friday is the main ceremony or ritual night, where we confer the Lower Grades of the Outer Order and perform other solemn ceremonies. You are also welcome to attend all grade ceremonies for which you have already Passed. Emergent meetings for ritual practices and conferring higher grades may also be held on the few Fridays between the first and last of the month, in particular in those unusual cases when there are five Fridays in a month. These will always be posted not less than four months in advance.

The Ceremony of the Equinox is our twice-yearly Instillation of Officers, and together with the four or five scheduled Neophyte Receptions, form the most important events of our yearly calender, therefore on these six or seven occasions your attendance is always mandatory.

For your information, our Outer Order is run strictly along not-for-profit and democratic lines, has rotational leadership, and formally follows Robert’s Rules of Order at all of the business meetings. Our Neophytes are also entitled to vote at all Thuban Temple meetings.

Our General Purposes Meeting or Business Meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of the month, and members who wish to attend GP must not only RSVP, but if they wish to speak on a topic, they must submit their agenda item to the Cancellarius by letter or email at least the day before the meeting. It is important to RSVP, as this meeting is not held at the downtown temple, but at the Praemonstrator's Library.

There are several resources available to the membership for more information. The first is the embryonic Thuban Temple website, which we hope one day will be our major resource. Then there is a private forum which may be used by members to communicate with each other, and be better informed on our temple activities. Apart from the proprietary documents and papers you will find on the private site, our main textbooks are the Complete System of Golden Dawn Magic and The Golden Dawn both by Israel Regardie. The former work contains the rituals of the original Order along with some of Regardie's best papers, the latter contains the work of the Stella Matutina, a later Golden Dawn Order that Regardie was a member of. You will find the knowledge lectures we use for study in the latter book, and for your convenience the First Knowledge Lecture is now available to download from our private forum.

As you should now be informed, there are three temple Chiefs who rule the order. They may currently be reached in their official capacity only at Thuban Temple’s monthly business meeting. If you have any other questions about the Order, we recommend you contact your two sponsors. They have by recommending you, expressed their interest and intention to be your guide throughout the grades of the Outer Order. Your sponsors will make themselves available to you in this friendly manner, and will should you require it, lend a helping hand in the study of our work.

Congratulations be yours once again.

Written by VH Frater YShY
Thuban Temple

September, 2007ev.
Edited September 14th, 2009ev.

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