Thursday, September 24, 2009

Imperator's Imperative

I would like to welcome you to our Order upon your Reception.

I am now pleased to bring to your attention that any membership in our Order requires passing a fairly rigorous test of suitability. At the same time we recognize that it is totally inappropriate and impossible for one to correctly judge another being's spiritual progress. Regardless of grades in the Order, who is even certain of what level of enlightenment he or she has truly attained for him or herself, much less is able to gauge the advancement of another frater or soror?

Keeping this apparent paradox in mind, it is our custom to at select and determine our membership from those who behave in a harmonious and mature manner with others, and self-define as being intentionally on a spiritual or magical path. Together with a few other important criteria that are only orally divulged when asked, all three Chiefs are required to approve any prospective candidates.

If you meet a person whom you think might be a suitable candidate for the Order, before you approach them, or even reveal the existence of Golden Dawn members in this city, and especially their names, we ask that you discuss how to do so with your sponsors. While we do have a minimal internet profile, there is a positive procedure to follow in interacting with new candidates. We offer the simple explanation that our mysteries are not suitable for everyone. Hopefully this has firmly impressed upon you the care that is taken in the pre-application process, and to remind you of the near-invisible profile our Order keeps in the local community.

As a Neophyte, you will quickly learn these nuances, and when you have been initiated into the Grade of Zelator, you may recommend and sponsor new members. With careful discretion, severe standards, and excited interest from all our suitable prospective candidates, we have set a solid foundation for our order. Blended in such a fashion like steel alloy has replaced iron weapons, we know this is a winning combination, and with this weapon of appropriately selective standards we will continue to grow and operate in good health, wealth, strength and joy and peace. Having yourself already passed the various hurdles involved in joining the Order, and having taken a solemn obligation to keep inviolate the secrets of the mysteries, we implicitly trust your discretion in this matter.

We also wish to remind to you that even at the Grade of Neophyte we consider this to be your Order, even though you may not know all our customs and rituals yet. Always keep in the forefront of your mind that those fratres and sorores around you, your sponsors, the other temple officers, and especially the three Chiefs are all in service to the Order out of their love for the work and an ardent desire to share the mysteries with you. Once again, I would like to thank you for joining your Order. I know you will enjoy it, and wish you all the best.

VH Frater YShY

Thuban Temple

September, 2007ev.


  1. VH Fra YShY,

    Yours sounds like an exceptionally well-ordered group. Thanks for sharing some of your methods of operation with us!