Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Black Sash of VH Frater YShY

The Sash of Grades

This sash was made for me in 1996 by my lover at the time, a Soror C. She painstakingly hand embroidered one for her and one for yours truly, a gift I am forever grateful for. It is no wonder we are still on great terms!

After I saw how much effort went into its manufacture, when Thuban Temple started a few years later we instituted Grade Jewels instead. The benefit of a Jewel, apart from being very fancy, is that it pins on to the sash easily, and the fussing around with sashes during the ritual is brought to a minimum.


  1. I really like the idea of using jewelry instead of sashes. As you say, they do tend to move around a bit and make ritual concentration difficult.

    In LVX,
    Fr. AENE

  2. Thx, I might take a few snapshots of the jewels and post them in the future.